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Commercial Loans

Tzvi Ratner-Stauber of The Yes Lender can answer all of your questions about commercial loans.

Differences Between Commercial Loans And Residential Mortgages

The main distinction between the two is that commercial loans involve collateral structures that are used for business purposes rather than personal homes. Such loans are generally obtained by business entities rather than individuals. Furthermore, loans of this type tend to be more complicated in terms of assessing whether the prospective borrower is sufficiently credit-worthy and if the business is likely to be profitable in the future.

Tzvi Ratner-Stauber is ready and willing to assist interested parties through the hurdles involved in securing this type of loan. He can offer seasoned guidance on critical factors such as the loan repayment terms and the interest rate to those looking to receive a commercial loan.

How do commercial loan interest rates work?

The majority of commercial loan products are characterized by fixed rates, something which provides stability and predictable payments for businesses. Of course, there are certain borrowers who prefer a loan product with a variable rate of interest so that the lower initial payments can facilitate quicker growth for a fledgling enterprise.

Details Of Loan Repayment Schedules

Many commercial loan products call for a “balloon” payment which must be made at a specified time during the loan period. As such, small monthly loan payments will be due for a defined amount of time, after which point the outstanding balance will need to be paid all at once. Tzvi Ratner-Stauber will work collaboratively with borrowers to ensure that applicable loan repayment schedules and terms are manageable and affordable.

Speak with Tzvi Ratner-Stauber to learn more about how a commercial loan with The Yes Lender can help virtually any business expand and generate ever-greater profits. He is prepared to walk clients through each stage of the process and create a customized loan package that suits their unique needs.