Fixed Period ARM Loans in Beverly Hills CA from The Yes Lender

Fixed Period ARM Loans

Fixed Period ARMs have long been the gold standard in mortgage lending, and are now enjoying renewed interest. It is also a staple product for The Yes Lender. Loans of this sort provide predictability of payments alongside payment terms that can be custom tailored to suit the customer. Borrowers from all walks of life love the ability to select from 15 or 30 years of payments at a level with which they are comfortable.

Monthly payments will be comprehensively detailed and reviewed prior to being locked in, making for a loan term that is feasible for the borrower. Also, there are no prepayment penalties involved in the event of a sale or a refinance.

By selecting a 15-year payment period, it is possible to realize substantial savings during the course of a loan, just in terms of interest paid. Also, this shortened term facilitates full home ownership in a shorter time period than would otherwise be possible. Of course, a 15-year mortgage is not something everyone believes they can handle, but Tzvi Ratner-Stauber can provide the future insights necessary to help borrowers determine if such a loan might be a smart option.

The Yes Lender professionals never put undue pressure on buyers to get into a loan they cannot afford. Rather, our team is dedicated to helping borrowers find loan terms that are sensible and sustainable over the long haul.

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