Home Refinancing in Beverly Hills CA from The Yes Lender

Refinancing a Home

If you already own a home, but you want to bring down your mortgage payments, refinancing is an option to explore. You may also be able to bring down your interest rate as well.

There are a lot of reasons why you might be considering a refinance. For example, you may need to essentially borrow money from yourself, thanks to an emergency. This only works when you have equity in the property, which means the home is worth more than what you currently owe the mortgage company.

Some people refinance because interest rates have dropped and they want to take advantage of them to save money. Regardless of your motivation, keep in mind that we work with you over the long term. We keep an eye on your loan and let you know if there is a way to save money in the future.

For example, you may be able to bring down your interest rate if you choose to refinance. A fixed-rate loan could help you cut down on the number of payments you make. A shorter loan period could help you reduce your interest rate as well, which means that you are finished paying off your home sooner.

Finally, you can give yourself more time to make the payments on your loan. That is useful if you need to use your money to deal with other debts.